I Write

Here’s some of the work I’ve published, as well as some of what has been written about me:

Written By Me:

While hiking the Appalachian Trail, I wrote a series of articles for the Mid-City Messenger.  While I obviously recommend reading them all, Part 5 seemed to be a favorite.

Part 1: Setting Out On the Appalachian Trail

Part 2: Packing Up and Steering Clear of Bears

Part 3: Regeneration Man

Part 4: He Walks

Part 5: Who I Was Is In Who You Are

Part 6: Black People Don’t Hike?

Part 7: Every Day An Adventure

Part 8: Making History

Part 9: In Pursuit of Happiness

Part 10: Looking To The Future

Part 11: Risks and Rewards


Written About Me:

Here are two spotlights from The New Orleans Advocate about my Appalachian Trail hike (one from the middle, and one from the end):

New Orleans man hits halfway mark on Appalachian Trail, blogging past rough terrain, bears, more

Appalachian Trail conquered: New Orleans man joins select group to complete 2,190-mile trek


And I once ate a whole lot of King Cakes during Mardi Gras and had the fun spreadsheet I made for it featured:

Report: So you like King Cake? Bywater man samples 66 offerings, and he has a spreadsheet