King Cake

Who’s Shipping King Cakes in New Orleans?

Hey everyone! I wrote a post earlier this week about a few king cake event I was taking part in. They both went well, and now my house smells like a doughnut shop and is filled with more king cake than I can possibly eat.

Mardi Gras problems, right?

Here’s the WGNO news segment I was featured on — it’s short and pretty funny. They call me “the King of King Cakes” which I’m not going to lie…I love.

Then yesterday I took part in a Virtual Field Trip about king cakes with The Historic New Orleans Collection. It was a great conversation and hopefully I gave some fun information without getting too boring about ancient Egypt’s 4,000-year-old contributions to Carnival. (If you read that sentence without your eyes glazing over, I’d suggest checking it out!)

Someone on the call asked me a good question about where I’d recommend getting king cakes shipped from if you’re trying to get one out of state. It’s a question I’m hearing a lot, so here are a few ideas.

First, if you’re looking for traditional, I wrote this article a year or two ago. It feature the Big Four traditional cakes. Most or all of them will ship, and if old school is what you’re after, give these a try.

My personal preference is elsewhere, however.

Two of my favorites that I’m 100% sure are available for shipping are Tartine and Bywater Bakery. I’ve known I’ve loved Bywater Bakery cakes for quite a few years. If you want one of theirs — check their website (the link I just posted) each day because it looks like they’re experiencing a lot of orders and are shipping only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My favorite is the cheesecake, but each that I’ve had is really really good.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-1610735693178.jpg

Tartine is more of a new discovery for me (though I used to each lunch their almost every day when I worked nearby). I’ve tried their king cake before, but holy moly — it really knocked my socks off when I ate it yesterday. It’s filled with a cinnamon cream cheese that is unbelievable. Get it. Don’t delay. It’s so good. Any time someone asks me what my favorite king cake in the city is, I usually give a Top 5 list. But if I WAS to name one…

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