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April 21, 2020 — 5 Things I Like Today

What do I like today? Quite a bit! Here are five things, and — if you have any to add — let me know in the comments section!



The Haines household was a Jewish household, and — as such — Easter wasn’t given much attention. The week after Easter, however, was a time for pillaging candy aisles. To me, there is no better candy than a Cadbury Creme Egg. (Whatever that is inside the chocolate egg is the world’s sweetest mystery.)

I remember that world being set aflame in 2007 when the egg was shrunk by approximately 11%. I wasn’t mad, though, because we were getting our eggs, slightly delayed, for 50% off.

You can’t cheat a cheater.

This is a sad year, though, because ransacking candy aisles isn’t considered “essential.” Still, I popped into the CVS across the street today to see if there were any eggs in stock. No Cadbury Eggs, unfortunately, but they did have these peanut butter eggs. 

Are they even better? I don’t know, but I like them a lot, and — most importantly — they, too, are 50% off.




I’ve never seen the Stephen Sondheim musical, “Company,” BUT I’m pretty certain I like it. One song from the show features in last year’s (in my opinion, excellent) movie, “Marriage Story.” I heard another song from the show, called “Sorry-Grateful,” recently while listening to a Terry Gross interview.

The movie’s about a single man who can’t or won’t commit to a more serious romantic relationship. His married friends have varying views on the subject. In “Sorry-Grateful” one of those friends sings to love’s complicated nature.

The lyrics are clever, but it’s really the melody that gets me every time. Listen to the first 30 seconds (29 seconds, to be exact) and I think you’ll get what I mean. Then, just keep listening.




I mentioned last week that I was writing an article about the Cajun Navy’s inspiring volunteer efforts during this pandemic, as well as their history providing aid in recent disasters of all kinds.

The article was published today in Voice of America (you can see it here), but — before I leave it alone for a bit, there was something I really liked about one of my interviews that didn’t make it into the article.

I was talking to this one guy with a thick Cajun accent who sounded like he was born at the wheel of a forklift. (I bet they feel about boats the way I feel about Cadbury Creme Eggs.)

During the interview, he was talking about how serious COVID-19 and its consequences are. Then he stopped himself switched momentarily away from the doom. Here’s what he said:

“But, for the record, I hope — in the end — there’ll be more good than bad that comes out of this. I was on LSU’s campus the other day helping out and I saw a kid across the field flying a kite by himself. It was so beautiful. I didn’t even know they made kites anymore.”

The feature article on VOA’s website!



I finally watched the movie, “There Will Be Blood” last night. 

Daniel Day Lewis’ performance was powerful, and so was the writing. I liked him at the beginning of the movie, though I recognized he was a greedy man who didn’t always treat people very well.

Watching each of his individual characteristics turn more extreme and betray him over the course of the movie was anxiety-inducing. (How much worse can this guy get?!)

Most of the other characters whither under the weight of Day Lewis’ character (and the mighty dollar), but — *I’m playing coy to avoid spoilers* — maybe one will make it out?

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a good time to watch! It’s on Netflix, or you can rent it on for $2.99.




I really like folk/Americana music, and I’m not sure anyone in New Orleans does it better than Kelcy Mae’s band, Ever More Nest

I was very excited for them to make their Jazz Fest debut this year, but a pandemic got in the way of that. To attempt to make up for all the lost gigs, they’ve been performing online for a series called, the Last Honkytonk Music Series.

Kelcy and Lucy are performing as a duo (the whole band can’t play together for social distancing reasons) at 7 p.m. on Thursday. Here’s the Facebook invitation. Check them out and — if you like it (I think you will) — then consider throwing them some tips!

Streaming Kelcy and Lucy’s most recent performance.


Is there anything you like today? Let me know in the comment section. Check out what I like(d) yesterday.

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