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April 14, 2020 — 5 Things I Like Today

My favorite part about my job (I’m a writer, in case you didn’t know — it’s not, after all) is that I’m constantly researching and stumbling upon things that interest and inspire me.  This is especially valuable in these crazy times.

I’m going to test out quick daily blog posts in which I give a quick rundown of five things I encountered today that 1) I thought were awesome; and 2) I think you might think are awesome, too.

They might be events. They might be food. They might be facts. Stories. Movies. Songs. Whatever!

Here goes nothing!


I used to listen to Lux Aeterna by contemporary Los Angeles composer, Morten Lauridsen all the time when I was in my 20s. Then I kind of forgot about it…until today. I’m not usually a fan of contemporary music, but this piece for choir is full of lush melodies that make my chest feel full from the music’s first searching notes.

At 27 minutes long, it makes for great background music while you work, great thinking music while you walk, or just great listening music while you sit on your couch hoping to be inspired. I think Lux Aeterna will do the trick.



Coquette is one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and I was excited to see they’re still open for take-out during the pandemic. 

On Easter, my girlfriend (Mariana) and I ordered their family style fried chicken plate, which includes eight pieces of fried chicken (ours had 10 because luck smiled at us) plus two sides. 

I’m pretty sure they’re open every day except (maybe) Monday. Check them out on Instagram for their daily menu (it is subject to change each day). And get the carrot cake. The carrot cake really made me happy.

Lookin’ good, Coquette!


I’m writing an article for Voice of America about the Cajun Navy, and the interviews I’ve conducted for it have been great reminders to not fall into the trap of, “If they have different politics than I do, they must be bad.”

Many of these men and women definitely don’t have the same politics as me, but the work they’re doing is extraordinary. The group started as a bunch of Louisianians with boats who rescued New Orleanians stuck on their roofs after Katrina. Today, they do a lot more.

This afternoon I was speaking to a man from United Cajun Navy. He volunteered to rescue Texans during 2017’s Hurricane Harvey. While wading through water, his leg got infected and was ultimately amputated. Yesterday, his good friend and fellow volunteer died of a heart attack while they volunteered to clear trees for people affected by the recent tornadoes in Mississippi.

Still, he was back volunteering in Mississippi today. Down a leg, down a friend, and during a pandemic. “It’s just a leg man, we’re trying to save people’s lives,” he told me.

That was an inspiring guy.


Good food is making me happy. I’ve been self-quarantining with Mariana at her place, Uptown, and we’re just a few blocks from St. James Cheese Company. Their sandwiches are amazing. Today, I had the mozzarella and pesto sandwich with salami. It was awesome. Il Mostro, however, is my favorite.

Mozzarella and pesto with salami, I love you.


Another perk of being up here is being close to Audubon Park. I miss the Bywater’s Crescent Park, and running along the river is my favorite; but Audubon isn’t half bad. It gets a little crowded on the pavement, but I’ve been jogging on the outer dirt loop, and there’s plenty of space to social distance. It feels good to be around people for an hour a day, even if it’s from a distance.

Audubon Park’s outer dirt loop.

Is there anything you like today? Let me know in the comment section. If you’ liked this and want to follow more of what I write, sign up for my monthly newsletter, and follow me on my Facebook writer page, as well as on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe even tell a friend. Thank you for reading!

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