What the Heck Do I Write About on This Thing?

The title says it all.  What in the hell am I supposed to write about in this thing?

I’ve been thinking about why I’ve had so much trouble blogging regularly in the past.  Here are a few of the reasons I came up with:

  1. It takes time.  I’m already pretty packed as it is.  In fact, I have to head to leave for the after-school program in 33 minutes and I still haven’t showered, so I need to make this extra quick.  But time is a problem.
  2. From what I can tell most writers that aren’t egomaniacs have some amount of fear that they don’t have anything super-important to say.  Thankfully I’m an egomaniac.  (Kidding..I think.)  Sometimes a blog feels kind of embarrassing.  Like…what do I have to add to what feels like an already-infinite amount of information out there.

  3. This is kind of connected to that last one, but — once I get over that fear — what should I actually write about?

That’s kind of what this post is about.  But first — why do I think blogs are useful.

I see something in publication — like a book or a newspaper article — as a finished product.  Of course the author’s thoughts can evolve after its published, but something that makes it that far should be a pretty well thought out product.

A blog, on the other hand, can be a testing ground.  I see it as an opportunity to put something out there for consideration and feedback.  The writer can share their thoughts, and can see if those thoughts stand up to the scrutiny of other people with thoughts.  If they don’t completely, then — no big deal — learn something and revise those thoughts to reflect what you’ve learned.

So, that being said…

What should I write about?  I’m definitely open to feedback.  I’ve got five days a week, which means five posts.

I know for 100% sure that I’d like one of those posts to be a short excerpt from the Appalachian Trail book I’m working on.  Getting feedback on that will be super helpful.  Also getting people interested in that content will be super helpful as I one day, hopefully attempt to sell that book.

Maybe another day is dedicated to talking about a theme from that book.  I can connect the discussion on that theme to the excerpt, to something I recently read/watched, or just something in the world that has me thinking about it.

A third post could be about what I’m working on that week.  For example, Very Local New Orleans just published my Top Noodle Dishes in New Orleans list for National Noodle Month.  It was kind of a fun adventure trying all those dishes out.  Sometimes the behind-the-scenes could be entertaining enough to write about.


Maybe a fourth post is about something funny/interesting I read/watched/ate/did in the world.  Sometimes that could be a story like the destruction of my blue shirt, and sometimes maybe it’s a review of a play I saw or something.

And, finally….hmmm…wild card?  Maybe it’s a second post on one of these topics?  Maybe it’s some challenges I’m struggling through?  Maybe it’s about the New York Mets or Game of Thrones.  Who knows.

This can evolve.

But if you’re here and there’s something you want to read more of, then let me know.  I’m all ears.  The best blogs — I think — are discussions!  So head over to that Comment section, and check out my newsletter, and follow me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

And now I need to take a shower before school.  Adios!

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