365 NOLA Adventures

Welcome to the Latkepocalypse

The first half of the day was normal enough.  Worked on the Appalachian Trail book for a little bit, went for a jog, and conducted an interview for an article I’m writing about the *get ready* 2019 Danny Barker Banjo & Guitar Festival.

I taught at the after-school program for a bit, doled out some lollipops, and then — finally — it was Latke Time!

Back to Marjie’s Grill.  At least one of the waitresses recognized me this time.  “Is this the third day in a row?!” she asked.

It was.

If you remember, yesterday I wasn’t as impressed with their latkes as I was on Day 1.  I suggested it might be because of the law of marginal utility.


I was nervous this was going to mean each latke was a little less delicious than one the day before.

But I’m very happy to report that was not the case!  Today’s latke was a sweet potato pancake, served with an apricot marmalade, sour cream, and two possible upcharge additions.  One of those potential additions was crawfish etouffee.  I was going to do it, but then I saw the other addition.



Would I be the first Jew to eat caviar on a latke?  This could be groundbreaking.  They’d tell stories about me and call me The Well-To-Do Jew.  The Well-Heeled Hebrew.  The Affluent Ashkenazi!

Turns out I wasn’t the first.  There are already tons of recipes online for latkes topped with caviar…

They were delicious, though!  Back to those thick potato pancakes from the first day.  Dollops of salty caviar and a touch of sour cream.  So good.  I would have gotten a second order, but the big show was still to come.

Here’s an overhead shot.  Looks like a face with a big nose.  Interesting.

Today was Latkes with a Twist.  I went last year — as did my friend, Aaron — and it was a Top 5 event of the year.  It’s super cheap to get into, the money goes to a nonprofit that supports Jewish kids, there’s an OPEN BAR, and the latkes are made by a different NOLA restaurant each time.  Last year it was Pizza Delicious.  This year the latkes were made by Company Burger!

Course #1 was traditional.  With a toppings bar that included sour cream, applesauce, and a full salmon!  Me and my fellow Jews really tore into that salmon.  Like barracudas tearing into…do they eat salmon, too?


Course #2 was the real attraction of the night: Potato Latke Sliders!  The mouth-watering burger that has put Company Burger in elite status, placed with care between two crisp potato pancakes and kissed with a touch of horseradish aioli.  I hate horseradish (I have a great story about how much I hate it that I’m going to save for another time because I need to stop blogging now and do something that’s going to make money), but I loved this!


They couldn’t make them fast enough.  Poor servers would come out with four or five sliders as soon as they were ready, and attendees would jump on them like barracudas on a salmon.

Aaron and I agreed that, while the line was long, we’d post up at the open bar.  But the line was always long, so we got real drunk.  We made a few acquaintances, got invited to a birthday party at F & M’s for a man these ladies kept calling “Peter Pan” and brought one our new friends to Markey’s Bar, down the street, for nachos and an nightcap.  And then a nightcapcap.

This is where things got a little hazy.  I remember talking about how hot Nancy Pelosi looks for a 78 year old.  We found a picture of her with JFK, and that solidified my newest crush.

She’s so charming!

It was a chilly beautiful night and I knew I’d feel better in the morning if I put some distance between my last drink and bed, so I went to the 24-hour market, Mardi Gras Zone, and walked home whistling with three lemon squares (mine and Sansa Stark’s favorite) and a peanut butter cookie.

Have a great day, everyone.  Especially you, Congresswoman Pelosi.

Even the vegan latkes were ravaged during The Latkepocalypse.


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