365 NOLA Adventures

George Bush I and Latkes II

Yesterday was the state funeral for George H.W. Bush, and — while I watched — I was also working on a piece for Very Local New Orleans about our 41st President’s New Orleans connections.

When I pitched the idea to my editor there, I assumed I could find some cool places he’d eaten or imbibed.  Maybe a picture of him scarfing down a poboy during a Presidential visit, like the one locals love of Obama.

I scoured the internet and databases of old newspaper articles, but apparently the man never ate.  As far as consumption, I only found this one picture of him drinking a root beer in the Superdome in 1987.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

I did find one quote from a friend of the President saying he was more of a “meat and potatoes guy,” and another list saying he ate a lot of junk food, so maybe that’s why he wasn’t doing the NOLA restaurant circuit like the Leaders of the Free World before and after him.

I was disappointed, but then I remembered I wasn’t necessarily looking for the places he ate in New Orleans.  Those were just the easiest connections my gluttonous brain could concoct.

I was looking for ways this city influenced him, and ways he influenced this city.  And there were plenty of examples of that.  So give my short article a read if you want to learn about some of them!


Other than that, I was back at latke eating yesterday.  When I was writing the blog entry on Monday, I was thinking “Oh cool, I’ll just eat a a variety of potato pancakes.”

Then I was writing a Facebook post to get people to click on the blog entry (that is a stupid first-half of a sentence), and I got myself in a tizzy.  I wrote something like, “But I am a Jew.  And it’s time I showed it in the only way I know how…by eating every goddamn potato latke in this fucking city!”

The tone was a joke.  But, unfortunately, the words “eat every [any food] in the city” is exactly the kind of thing that gets me pumped up.  Now I’ve got a list of all of them I need to try.  Thankfully, we’re in a place like New Orleans that has significantly less latke-makers than, for example, New York City.

So yesterday I was back at Marjie’s Grill — this time with my buddy, Aaron — to try their next round of the 6 Nights of Latke.  This one wasn’t quite as good as the first day, but it was still good.

(Writing that just made me panic: what if the best part about the first latke was that I hadn’t eaten a potato pancake in months?  What if the satisfaction — or the utility, to use a term from my one semester of economics — I derive from each subsequent latke reduces because nothing will ever taste as good as that very first latke that followed a year-long dearth of latkes?  *hyperventilating*)


But the latke was still pretty good!  It was a scallion pancake with shredded Chinese BBQ turkey.  We actually sat inside the restaurant and ate it this time, so maybe there’s something to be said about eating latkes on a curb in the parking lot.


In any case, today I’m doubling up.  I’ve got to get another order at Marjie’s — this one is the sweet potato pancake, and then I get to go insane at a latke-buffet (plus open bar) at Latkes with a Twist — one of my favorite nights of the year.  Company Burger is promising latke sliders, and I’m interested to see how they try to reconcile a hamburger (not typically kosher) with a latke (created specifically for the religion that invented kosher).

Or maybe they’ll just put bacon cheeseburgers on fried potato pancakes, and that’s fine by me!

Have a great day!


As I mentioned, my Latkepalooza started yesterday.  Here’s how it all began.  And follow along on the adventure by signing up for my newsletter, and following me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.  Thanks!

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