365 NOLA Adventures

Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Some Eat Latkes.

Here’s how it went down.

I was biking home from the school at which I teach after-school storytelling, and my route — very conveniently — brings me by one of the latke spots I mentioned yesterday on the Hannukkah event list I wrote for a local website.

This spot — Marjie’s Grill — has an event called The 6 Nights of Latkes, during which they feature a different variation the Hanukkah treat every night.   Tonight’s was “The Everything Bagel Latke,” which sounded awesome.

So I dialed in a to-go order and swung on by.

It was awesome.


Two thick, fried potato pancakes peppered with the kind of seeds you’d find on an Everything bagel, covered in smoked fish dip and applesauce.  I ate two 30 minutes ago, and writing that made me want to order more.  They were SO good.

So obviously I have to go back tomorrow (Scallion Pancake).  And Thursday (Sweet Potato Latke).  And Friday (The Kimchi Pancake).  Yesterday and Saturday is/are just the classic, so whatever, I kind of had that today under all the toppings.

I don’t even like kimchi.  I actually really dislike kimchi.  But fuck it — what am I going to do?  Not eat it?  Get a life, square.

I’m going to eat the shit out of that kimchi.

So after I peeked at the to-go order of pancakes, I decided I couldn’t handle 20 minutes of biking/thinking about the food without eating it.  So I sat on the curb by my bike and partook in the shadows.  Then I biked home with a smile on my face and thought about all the other latkes I need to eat.

Latkes with a Twist is featuring Latke Sliders by Company Burger on Thursday.  SABA has a latke special during Hanukkah.  I have to eat those, obviously.

But I know a bunch of brunch places do latkes — sometimes sweet potato, sometimes not — with all sorts of shit on it.  Horn’s, for example, puts two eggs, spinach, and crawfish etoufee on theirs.  It’s called the “Jewish Coonass,” which feels like two words I’m not supposed to say or type next to each other, but I Googled it and I think it’s fine.  So I guess I need to eat that.

A few of my friends are throwing latke parties, so I can add one or two of those to the list.

And then, of course, there’s the classic Kosher Cajun NY Deli & Grocery, which somehow — even though I talk a fairly big Jewish game — I’ve never been to.  (It’s in Metairie, so give me a little bit of a break, Mom.)

Latke #1 really turned into an all-out photo shoot.

Anyway, what’s the point of this blog post?  Basically I’m just really craving latkes.  So I’m going to eat at least eight different kinds in eight nights.  It’s not the wildest thing I’ve ever done, but I want them real damn bad.

Honestly, I’ll eat more than eight if there are more to eat.  I just need to know where to find them.  Anyone know?

Give me a holler (challah!) if you know of one that I didn’t mention and I’m so there.

I’ll post pictures along the way, and maybe someone will pay me to write about latkes next year around Hanukkah time.  So sign up for my newsletter, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see if my dreams come true!  (Our dreams.  You’re in on this, too.)



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