365 NOLA Adventures

Hanukkah is Here! How to Spend Your 8 Crazy Nights in NOLA.

This weekend I put together a list of fun Hanukkah events going on in the city.  I only had a couple of hours to put it together, but I learned a lot.

  1. There are some amazing potato latke options going on this week!  A latke board at Saba, a rotating latke special each night at Marjie’s Grille, and Latke’s with a Twist (which I’ve been to before and is one my favorite New Orleans events of the year).
  2. Jews in this city have a really interesting history.  The French tried to exile us, and the Spanish successfully did, but that didn’t stop Jewish New Orleanians from leaving their mark on their home.  A Jewish man was the first King of the Krewe of Rex; and Newman, the New Orleans Museum of Art, Touro Infirmary, and Delgago are just some of the institutions founded or funded by Jews.

Tonight’s night #2, so there’s still plenty of time to celebrate.  Check out this list and let me know if you’re planning on going to anything — ESPECIALLY Latkes with a Twist.  I’ll most definitely be there.

Happy Hanukkah! (Also when will word processors recognize the other 15 ways to spell Chanukah?  I’m tired of being told I’m writing it wrong!)


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