365 NOLA Adventures

I Need Your Help in the Wars to Come…I mean in the Week Ahead.

Sorry — couldn’t resist the Game of Thrones joke in the title.  I’ve been listening to a 67-episode podcast series (one for each episode of the HBO show), and it’s taking up way too much of my brain space.  But, if you like the series and are excited for the upcoming final season (less than six months away!!!), then you might love this podcast as much as I do.

Anyway, Happy Monday!  First thing’s first: several friends read about my new relationship with Halloween, and asked if I got a lot of trick-or-treaters.

I stocked up on candy.  Peanut butter cups.  Peanut butter snickers.  By 6pm, I was in place and ready to rock and roll.

Well.  Not a single fucking kid showed up.   I wasn’t mad.  I wasn’t sad.  I might have been embarrassed, but nobody knew nobody showed up, so I didn’t know who to be embarrassed to.

I was mostly just confused.  My front grass was neatly trimmed.  My house is painted not one, BUT TWO welcoming shades of blue.  Let’s go, kids!

It turns out it’s good practice to turn on your front porch light.  I guess that makes sense.  But I don’t think I’ve turned on that light since I moved in in 2012.  I know, I know.

But, to be fair, those of you that always keep on your front porch light are the real dummies!  HellllllooooOOOO, light pollution, everyone!  I want to look up and see some stars, and your dumb porch lights get in my way!

Anyway, I have a whole year to perfect my Halloween techniques.  It’s a new week and, this week, it’s back to plenty of writing.  I have my first two articles due for GoNOLA.com that I’m excited to finish up.  One’s about the revitalization of a downtown park, called Duncan Plaza, that many know nothing about; and the other is about LUNA Fete — the laser light, projection mapping extravaganza that will stretch from Lafayette Square to Piazza d’Italia.  Both have been fun to learn about, and — depending on when the articles run — maybe I’ll write a blog post about some of the cool stuff I learned that I couldn’t fit into the pieces.

Photo of a portion of LUNA Fete, courtesy of WWNO.

But the only aspect of writing isn’t the actual writing.  Simultaneously, I’m also researching for pieces that have been given the go ahead.  The big one right now is my first piece for The Gambit.  This is the one I mentioned two weeks ago — about the Bywater’s ongoing development, gentrification, and debate over making space for public housing.  For the gist of the piece, check this out.

This is one major place I could use your help.  I’ll be conducting interviews this week and next and have some ideas on who I should talk to.  But do you have any ideas?  I’m looking for Bywater residents passionate about the future of their neighborhood (and I want all points of view).  I’m looking for local businesses affected by some of the larger projects in the neighborhood.  And I’m looking for organizations that specialize in the fields of housing and development.  Do you have any ideas?  I am desperate to hear them!

Two undeveloped blocks that will likely look drastically different in the coming few years.  This photo is taken from the river side of Chartres Street, overlooking the two blocks between Bartholomew and France streets.

And, finally, the third aspect of what I’m doing is the pitching process.  Most of the pieces I write aren’t because someone says, “Hey Matt, we’d like you to write this for us.”  It’s usually me saying, “Hey publication, I have this idea for a story.  Would you pay me cash dollars to write it?”  I do this a lot.  Throwing everything at the wall, hoping as many things as possible will stick!

That’s another place I can use your help!  If you ever hear about — or are putting on — a cool event that you think should get some coverage, please let me know!  It doesn’t even have to be an event.  If you just happen to think that you or someone you know is doing some amazing work, or your organization or another is doing something that others should hear about, please please please let me know!  I’d love to write about it!

Thanks for any help you can provide, now or in the future (I can always use a good idea for a pitch!), but most importantly, thanks for reading!  My pleas seem to be having some success, so I’ll roll with it: I’d love it so much if you’d sign up for my email newsletter, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter

Having that kind of support feels wonderful, but also showing I have support might help me convince a publisher somewhere down the line that I’m worth publishing.  Plus, hopefully you’ll think it’s a fun few minutes of reading or picture-scrolling each weekday!

Thanks again and talk to you tomorrow!


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