365 NOLA Adventures

Top 5-04: The Podcast!

Today was a fun day — and not just because I’m still basking in yesterday’s 8 – 2 Mets’ massacre of the Washington Nationals.  (Will I lead off every blog entry with a note about the Mets?  I don’t know yet.)

Me and two buddies — Adam and Alex — announced our official podcast launch.  We’ve been thinking of doing this for months and, now, it’s finally happening!  We’ll record Episode 1 on Sunday and post it on Wednesday.  We’ll have an episode — about 30 minutes long — air each Wednesday.

So what’s the premise of the podcast?

Glad you asked!  Here’s the gist:

Choices can be overwhelming and, in a city like New Orleans, there are lots of them.  Who has the best happy hour?  Who’s got the best gumbo?  Where’s the best laundromat?  The best decorated house during Christmas?  Best gas station fried chicken?  Best local band?  Best cheese fries?

Good questions!  And in each episode, we’re going to dig deep and find the answer to one of them.  Each show is a Top 5 something in the 504.  Get it?  Top 5-04!


Episode 1: You Wanna Pizza Me?

Who’s got the best pizza in New Orleans?  Some — like Alex — jump to conclusion that it’s Pizza Delicious.  Listen, I love Pizza D.  But, in my opinion, the time of its unchallenged dominance over the NOLA pizza scene is done.

There’s a lot more pizza out there and I’m trying to eat it all!  Here’s what I’ve had so far this week (sometimes for the first time, but often just as a reminder):

  • Pizza Delicious
  • Mid-City Pizza
  • Echo Pizza
  • Garage Pizza
  • Magazine Pizza
  • Vieux Carre Pizza
  • Slice Pizzeria
  • G’s Pizzeria
  • Mardi Gras Zone
  • Sugar Park

Before we record on Sunday, there’s a few others I want to remind myself of:

  • Domenica
  • That’s Amore
  • Midway Pizza
  • Pepperoni Ray’s
  • Paladar 511


Anyway — lots down, but still a handful more to go!  The problem is…pizza’s always kind of good.  Even the “bad” pizza is still good.  I mean…carbs, meat and cheese.  Maybe a vegetable.  Come on.   You can’t really screw that up.

But what makes a Top 5 New Orleans slice?  That’s what we’re going to get to the bottom of.

Will you help us out by voting here, please?  It will only take a minute!  And if you feel like I’m missing a type of spot, go ahead and tell me about it in the comments section!

And give our Facebook page a like!  It’s brand new and I think it’s going to be a fun space where we debate the Top 5 List of the week, as well as ask you for some help developing them.


The content’s going to be fun, but I’m also looking forward to 1) having a joint a project with two really close long-time friends; 2) having a platform from which to spew hot takes; and 3) learning how to put together a podcast!

As far as that last one goes — we have some equipment, we’ve done some research.  And, while we have lots of questions, we’re also quick learners.  So it should be cool to watch this thing develop each week.

Anyway, thanks for giving the pizza poll a vote, and thanks for liking the Facebook page.  If you think you have friends who might enjoy it, as well, please share it with them.

We appreciate it, and I can’t wait to hear your top pizza spot in New Orleans!


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