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Happy Monday, and Here’s to a Week Full of Adventures!

I’m about to head out the door.  Today I’m playing “Upscale Family Member at a Funeral” on some cocaine-trafficking TV show called, “Zero, Zero, Zero.”  Should be weird and fun, except I have bike across the city to get to set, wearing clothes as if it was a “cool, Fall day.”

It’s currently 75 degrees in New Orleans and rising.

In any case, I wanted to get a blog post out, and I’ve been thinking a ton lately about what constitutes an adventure.  My goal is to make this book — and really most of what I write — as universal as possible.  Making my experience on the Appalachian Trail relatable is the goal.


So I spent the weekend reading back through some of what I wrote, and this kind of struck me as a reminder of what I’m going for.  It’s from Part 7 of my Mid-City Messenger series, appropriately called, “Every Day an Adventure.”

One of the most common responses I’ve gotten to this hike is something along the lines of, “I’m amazed you’re doing this, but I’m just not that adventurous.” I hear that all the time.

I’m no expert, but my thought is just because hiking 2,200 miles isn’t your idea of fun doesn’t mean you’re not meant for an adventure. Even if you’re afraid of the dark, grossed out by bugs, and don’t like to sweat — your adventure is still out there.

John Amatt, a Mt. Everest climber and author said, “Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles in life.”

I love that.

It’s easy to mock the woman at the Pearisburg post office. I just did a few paragraphs ago. But I also can’t stop thinking about her. She’s on a quest more meaningful than mine. She is desperate and driven to find a stamp her husband would have wanted for their collection. If finding a missing stamp isn’t an adventure, I don’t know what is.

If trying to get to every cemetery in Virginia isn’t an adventure, I don’t know what is.

And, yeah, if walking from Georgia to Maine, and watching the world change along the way isn’t an adventure, I don’t know what is.

One fun part of an adventure is that its outcome isn’t predetermined. Sometimes it’s going to go wrong. Sometimes you’ll go all the way to the post office and they won’t have your stamp. Sometimes you’ll get lost. Sometimes there’ll be lightning and sometimes there’ll be bears.

But then sometimes there’ll be vistas, and ice cream, and friends.

This weekend I spent significant time in Mobile, Alabama for the first time and I played in my first baseball league game in 20 years.  Pretty good as far as adventures go, I think.

So Happy Monday and here’s to a week full of finding your adventures!

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