Some Changes Here at

Hello friends! I wanted to take a minute to announce some changes here at It is with a heavy heart that Chief Executive Officer, Matt Haines, is stepping down from…nah, just kidding. (Where would I go?)

But here’s the deal: as many of my friends warned me, going on — and then writing — an adventure every single day takes a whole lot of time. The “going on” is really fun, and the “writing about” is also fun, but only because I get to do some cool research and work on framing the adventure in a unique way. If I all I did was try to knock out a quick, “Went to Tet Fest…ate a baby duck…adventure done,” I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much.

Sometimes they can also be long. (I mean, not as long as the Appalachian Trail articles, sheesh, but still a lot to ask of folks to read if I was doing them daily.)

Additionally, spending all of this time writing these adventures is stopping me from getting other writing done. I’m progressing on the book, but not working on it each day nearly as much as I’d want to. Here’s what I currently have as the beginning of the prologue, by the way, but I’m sure it will change a lot of times:

By my count, the underside of my right testicle has brushed against the inside of my right thigh 1,250,000 times since I began walking from Georgia, two months ago, toward Maine. Today, the rain descended from heaven, a solid and unrelenting pane, battering my face and the ground, so thick I couldn’t make out individual drops.

The word “testicle” within the first 10 words? I think that’s impressive.

While this blog has resulted in some of my first paid writing gigs (woo!), I’m thinking the amount of time I am putting in on the adventures is stopping me from pursuing more. (As well some other non-writing projects I want to try — like a podcast, get ready!)

Also, a friend pointed out that — if I’m trying to sell a book about the Appalachian Trail — maybe I should write about the Appalachian Trail from time to time. Yup, fair point.

SO — here’s what I’m thinking.

I want to be posting in this blog every day. I want for, when you get to work and are looking for something fun to procrastinate with, if you step on over to, there’ll be something new for you to read.

Sometimes — maybe twice a week — it’ll be a New Orleans adventure!

Sometimes it might be some cool or fun thing I’m working on in the book. I’m going to try to write more about this tomorrow. But — while the Appalachian Trail is relatively unique — the themes in the book are universal. Romance, adventure, aging, technology, friendship, etc etc etc. We all bumble through these, and the more I think about them, the more interesting writing about the becomes. Trying to put my thoughts here will help, but — even more so — hearing YOUR thoughts will be massive. Some of my best progress on the book has come from conversations I’ve had with my friends. It helps me see things in a slightly different, more nuanced way.

Sometimes I’ll write about my new life in a gig economy. This shit is weird. One minute I’m writing a book, the next minute I’m trying to walk a dog that is trying to bite my ankle, the next minute I’m writing an article, the next minute I’m portraying a United States Marine in a movie, the next minute I’m pissing people off for posting a picture of myself playing a United States Marine in a movie. I think there’s some funny stuff here that might be interesting.

Did you know I was in a commercial about where babies come from? I still have no idea.

Sometimes I’ll add some Appalachian Trail content. I’m thinking of trying to a) revisit some portions of the trail this year; and b) interviewing some folks who are currently on the trail. I think those experiences and conversations will be fun to include.

Sometimes it’s the weekend, and I don’t want to write on the blog, but I’ve got some really cool article about something I’m working on I want to share!

Anyway — lots of stuff! And, in there own ways, whether it’s exploring New Orleans, writing a book, or trying a new career, life is an adventure right now, and that’s the point.

Thanks so much for everyone who’s been checking out the blog so far. I’ve appreciated the support and I’m looking forward to throwing some love back at folks who maybe don’t want things always so NOLA-specific.

Talk to you tomorrow, Opening Day of the New York Mets run at a world championship. Come on!

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