365 NOLA Adventures

Adventure #7: Top Five King Cakes in Mid-City!

In 2018, I’m going on a New Orleans adventure every single day. Wednesdays are reserved for Mid-City so I can have the write-up in the Messenger the following day. I have what feels like an infinite number of ideas for – at least in my opinion — fun and interesting Mid-City adventures, but this week’s was especially timely.

I was going to try five of my favorite Mid-City king cakes in one day!

“C’mon Matt, you live in the Bywater! What do you know about king cakes in Mid-City?” you might ask.

“Too much,” I might respond.

Of course, I didn’t actually have all day to do this, so it was really five king cakes in about three hours. What could possibly go wrong? “Nothing!” my 20-year-old self thought. But then I remembered my 20-year-old self died of an unhealthy intake of sugar years ago. Lots could go wrong: heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, the slowing of the immune system, and the acceleration of aging.

Seeing a chance to cut the day’s sugar consumption in half, I called this sucker I know my friend, Joe, and asked him if he wanted to join. Of course, there was one other problem yesterday.

“It’s 21 degree outside, man!” Joe said. “There’s no way.”

[You can find the rest of this adventure on the Mid-City Messenger, by clicking here! Thanks!]

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