About Me and Why I’m Launching This Blog

Hi, and welcome to my new blog!  My name is Matt Haines and I’m a writer.  Though sometimes I’m also a background extra for television shows and movies, a dog walker, a security guard, a landlord, a wedding dancer (amateur), and a karaoke singer (also amateur, but open to turning pro).

Earlier this year, I walked the 2,189.7 miles from Georgia to Maine along the Appalachian Trail.  It was an adventure I’ll remember forever, and I wrote an 11-Part Series for the Mid-City Messenger while I was gone.


I’m taking 2018 to write a book about the hike, why I decided to do it, and what I learned on my way.  I hope you’ll love it!

But this blog is about more than that.  The Appalachian Trail is an example of a big adventure, but along the way I met people who were going on their own adventures every day — maybe not as grand, but definitely no less important: a father taking his daughter to her first national park; an elderly lady trying to continue her deceased husband’s stamp collection; a woman on a strange quest to slowly, but surely, visit every cemetery in Virginia.

And that got me thinking.  I don’t want adventures to be something I do once every few years.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I want adventures to be something I do every day.  So here’s what I’m thinking: in 2018, I’m going to go on 365 New Orleans adventures.  One for each day of the year.

This blog is where I’ll share those adventures, as well as a place for me to keep you up to date on the progress of the book (and my evolving thoughts on its themes), other projects, and the general craziness life provides when one’s paying attention.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy writing about it.  I also hope you’ll chime in on the blog’s comment section, below, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Tomorrow I’ll share some more about what I imagine these 365 adventures will look like.  Thanks for following along, and — if you haven’t already done so — please sign up for my newsletter!


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